Wednesday, September 21, 2016



For these weeks, we will:
  • Review and discuss our first writing assignments.
  • Review some qualities and characteristics of good writing
  • Discuss the "feature writing" format including "special leads"
  • Discuss and review interviewing "best practices"
  • Continue work on  your second reporting assignment for which the draft is due on Sept. 29.
    • Final version due on Oct. 4
  • Read the following chapters:
    • 2: Selecting and Reporting the News
    • 7: Basic News Leads
    • 8: Alternative Leads
    • 9: The Body of a News Story
    • 10: Quotations and Attributions
    • 11: Interviewing
    • 17: Feature Writing

    Second Writing Assignment - Due Sept. 29 (draft)

    Your new website needs MORE content! 

    The second round of content for your site should be another traditional written reporting piece in a "feature" style.

    For your story, please remember the following:
    * Pay close attention to the opening of your piece. What type of feature lead will draw the reader further into the story?
    * Add context and perspective to your story by interviewing at least two original human sources. How will you weave the best quotes into your story?
    * Length should be about 7-10 paragraphs (e.g. 500 words)

    * DUE: Thursday, Sept. 29 (peer review draft due)
    * FINAL VERSION DUE: Tuesday, Oct. 4

    Interviewing Basics

    A critical part of being a good journalist is also being a good interviewer.

    Check out the presentation below to get tips and tricks on "best practices" for conducting an interview that gets the most information from your subject. You can use some of these tips to help bring out stronger quotes and better information for your reporting assignments in this class.

    What Makes A Good Interview?

    What Makes a Good Interview?

    Well-known anchor and reporter Katie Couric has decades of interviewing experience via her various gigs on broadcast and web outlets. The video below has her take on how to conduct a good interview.

    Good Interviewing Tips

    As you prepare for your first interview, it might be helpful to have some tips and resources from the pros. Take a look at the following articles for hints and tips on what makes a good interview: