Sunday, December 14, 2014

Good Night, and Good Luck

To the students of COMJOUR 333:

Thank you!!!

I had a fantastic time working with you this past semester. It was a pleasure to work with all of you on your various multimedia projects and semester-long blog assignment.

Please have a safe and fun winter break! :)

- Brett

Saturday, December 13, 2014

TAKE HOME EXAM - Due by the end of Tues., Dec. 16

For each of the following questions, write a detailed response that integrates the discussion points from various class lectures and exercises. The highest scoring responses will demonstrate critical thinking and application of these materials, as well as accurate use of AP style and grammar. EACH QUESTION IS WORTH 15 POINTS.

You will be able to complete this test at home but your responses must be submitted to me via e-mail by midnight at the end of Tuesday, Dec. 16. Please e-mail your electronic responses to

Good luck!

1. Throughout the semester, we've looked at several different examples of tools, technologies and techniques for storytelling on the Web. Use this knowledge to construct a brief analysis of how The Daily Evergreen, which is the website for WSU's daily newspaper, is staying competitive through use of "Web 2.0," "Internet of Things" technologies and/or social media. The site underwent a design overhaul in mid-2013 and released a mobile app shortly thereafter.

  • a. What specific (if any) Web 2.0, "Internet of Things" and social media technologies are already in place and how are they being used? Are they effective?
  • b. How does embracing these tactics help the site/paper stay competitive?
  • c. What other things can/should the site/paper be doing? Why?

2. Thinking about your team blog, please share your thoughts on specific strategies that you and/or your team used (or should have used) to improve its organic search rankings and presence on social media.
  • How is your team's blog doing in organic search on Google?
  • What specific search engine optimization techniques and tactics could your team use to help with indexing and discovery on search engines?
  • How did you use social media to help build awareness of your reporting?
  • What other things might you do to help with your search engine optimization and social media presence?

Sunday, December 7, 2014



For this week, we will:
  • How to monetize your reporting via Google AdSense and other display ad technologies 
  • Wrap up and discuss key accomplishments and learning outcomes from the semester

  • Continue work on your final reporting assignment (video project) - due Dec. 11.
  • Begin work on your take-home final exam - due Dec. 16.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Monetizing your Blog with Google AdSense and Doubleclick for Publishers (Small Business)

As the semester comes close to ending, many students may find interest in the topic of monetizing their content. This means that you can potentially make money from the work that you create!

To get started, you need to first have a Google AdSense account.

To learn more about Google AdSense, visit the AdSense Academy help pages or watch the various tutorial videos provided by Google.


For Blogger:

If you have a Blogger account, getting set up with AdSense is easy. Watch this video for more info:

For Wordpress:

If you have a Wordpress account, watch this video to learn how to connect AdSense to it:


For Tumblr:

For Tumblr blogs, you can add AdSense using the instructions in this video:


Many journalists and content creators have websites that include advertising that originates from one of several ad networks. However, managing multiple competing ad networks might get complicated quickly. Ad servers, such as Doubleclick for Publishers (Small Business) help you centralize and manage the inventory of ads originating from the various competing ad networks so that you get the most value out of your advertising. It can also be used for scheduling, reporting and targeting of your various ad opportunities.


Examples of ad networks that work with Doubleclick for Ad Publishers include:


If your media property has fewer than 90 million impressions/month, then you qualify for the "Small Business" version of Doubleclick for Business.

Additional Resources:

Wednesday, December 3, 2014



For this week, we will:
  •  How to optimize our video productions for search engine discovery on YouTube and beyond
  • How to monetize your reporting via Google AdSense and other display ad technologies

  • Continue work on your final reporting assignment (video project) - due Dec. 11.
  • Begin work on your take-home final exam - due Dec. 16.