Saturday, December 3, 2016

Video News Story Assignment - Due Dec. 9

Over the duration of the semester, we've explored storytelling in the written form, as well as photos and audio. To wrap things up, we'll now tackle video.

For this assignment, create an original, edited news package on a newsworthy or noteworthy event, issue or individual.

    • All footage should be your own - do not take or use video from other sources!
    • Provide a title for the video, including title cards (lower thirds) that include the names of your interview subjects!
    • Include b-roll footage -- the final video should be more than a shot of a talking head!
    • Make sure to also include a variety of shots, including wide shots, medium shots and a closeup.
    • Pay attention to the composition and framing of your shots!
    • Duration: One minute minimum
    • Sources: For our reporting assignments, there are rules and guidelines on who you can/should interview. For this assignment, you are required to interview at least two human sources. Citing other publications and/or broadcasts is not considered a source. Also, please avoid anonymous sources and do not use friends, roommates or family for your interview subjects.
    • Technologies: To complete this assignment, students can use any consumer-grade camcorder or video-enabled smartphone. For editing, students can use any free or trial version of digital video editing software (including Adobe Premiere Pro, iMovie, Windows Movie Maker and GoPro Studio).
  • To turn this assignment in, please upload your completed video to YouTube (or other video hosting service) then post a link and/or embed your final video production on your blog. You should also post a link in the Class Discussions so that other students can view your work. Don't forget to fill out the title field, description text and tag sections for your video on YouTube.