Friday, November 18, 2016

Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

Some students taking this class may already be familiar with the basics of digital video editing as it was covered in COM 210 (Multimedia Content Creation). However, it is possible that some students might need a refresher on the basics of how to edit in Adobe Premiere.

Adobe has a great "essentials for beginners" video tutorial series that is accessible free on the web. If you have forgotten some basic edit techniques or simply want to review the basics of how to use Adobe Premiere, then you can find tutorials at the following link:

Adobe CC Tutorials: Essentials for Beginners

Please note: There is a one-time free 30-day trial to new users of Adobe Premiere Pro CC. However, many students have already exhausted their free trial as part of the COM 210 course. If this is the case, then you may need to subscribe to one month of Adobe Premiere Pro. There are various pricing plans available, but one option is to do a "single app" purchase for one month (select "Adobe Premiere Pro" and "Monthly Plan" on the pull-down menu under "Single App" at this link. This will give you one month access to the latest version of Adobe Premiere, which should be adequate to complete this production in time for the deadline.

As an alternative, some students may want to explore other completely free video editing applications to complete this assignment including GoPro Studio.