Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Use SoundSlides Hosting to Upload Your Completed SoundSlides Production to the Web

You can use SoundSlides Hosting to store your completed SoundSlides production on the Web. Then, you'll be able to link to the production on your Wordpress blog or, if you are using another platform, you may be able to "embed" the completed production on your blog.

Note: SoundSlides Hosting will host/serve your multimedia production for free for the first six months using this free trial link. However, if you wish to keep your production live on the Internet longer then you will need to register and pay once the trial version expires.

How to Host your SoundSlides Production on SoundSlides Hosting:



1. Once you have completed your production, hit Export. In the exported files, click on the publish_to_web folder.

2. If you are using a PC: Highlight this folder and right-click and select Send To > Compressed (Zipped) folder to create a .zip version of your publish_to_web folder. If you are using a Mac: Right-click (or Control-Click) on the publish_to_web folder and then select "Compress Items" (or it may show up as"Compress filename") to create a .zip version of the folder. This zipped version of  your folder contains the files that you will be moving over to the web via the free trial version of SoundSlides Hosting.

3. Sign up for SoundSlides Hosting.You do NOT need to pay for this to complete the production. Use the free six-month trial version.

4. Once you complete the registration and verify your email address, you should be able to select Upload Slide Show within your SoundSlides Hosting account. Hit the Select File button and then navigate to the publish_to_web .zip (zipped/compressed) folder on your local hard drive. Once you confirm, your .zip folder/files should immediately begin to be uploaded.

5. Next, you can simply grab the provided link and publish this to your blog to complete the assignment. However, if you want to try to have an embedded slideshow instead of a simple link then choose the Embed link and grab the embed code. You can modify the dimensions of your production embed here, as well. This code can be pasted into a new post in your blog. If it doesn't work, then just use the normal link to complete the assignment. (Note: Wordpress-hosted blogs often have problems with the embed code -- so a normal link is fine).