Monday, October 10, 2016

Audio Reporting Case Studies

In preparation for your own original audio report for this class, you might want to listen to some examples from professionals and even previous students for inspiration.

Here are some examples of strong audio-only reporting pieces by professional journalists:
"This American Life" recently aired multiple audio segments detailing the story of Dr. Benjamin Gilmer and the dark secrets he uncovered as he assumed new duties in a small, rural town.
BBC Radio correspondent Kevin Connolly filed an impressive audio report on a British Libyan who was "willing to die" for his country's freedom. Listen to the following brief audio report and notice the power and impact of the interviewing techniques that are used to bring out powerful quotes and comments. Also notice that this particular interview has very few noticeable edits, yet the interview itself remains impactful.
In previous semesters, many COMJOUR 333 students have created their own small audio reporting segments. Some examples are below: