Monday, October 10, 2016

Audio Recording Equipment & Smartphone App Options


If you are interested in recording audio only, you have several options.

Direct-to-Computer Microphone

Many computers have a mic jack that allows you to directly connect a microphone into the computer for recording via Adobe Audition, Audacity and other programs.  Simply plug in your microphone and start recording direct within the editing program.

However, you might also choose to record audio externally and then "import" it into the audio editing programs.

Smartphone Recording Apps

Some students may choose to do this via use of a smartphone or camcorder. You simply transfer the recorded audio from your smartphone into the audio editing program.

Here are some options for iOS (iPhone) and Android devices. Some of these apps are free while others charge a small fee. Before you buy any app (if you choose to do so), please make sure that the app supports exporting your recorded audio files from the app into your preferred audio editing program!