Saturday, September 10, 2016

Written Story Assignment

Your new website needs content!

Over the coming months, we will be collaborating on several storytelling formats including audio, photos and videos. No matter what media format you use, it is important to communicate clearly with strong writing skills.

The first round of content for your site should be a traditional written reporting piece in a "traditional news" style. What should you write about? You decide the topic -- but choose wisely! Make sure that the topic aligns with the theme or "beat" of the semester blog project.

Minimum requirements: 500 words

Sources: For our reporting assignments, there are rules and guidelines on who you can/should interview. For this assignment, you are required to interview at least two human sources. Citing other publications is not considered a source. Also, please avoid anonymous sources and do not use friends, roommates or family for your interview subjects.

For your story, please remember the following:
  • Pay close attention to the opening of your piece. What type of lede will draw the reader further into the story? For a more traditional "news"-style piece, make sure to communicate the key newsworthy details in the first sentence or two to establish relevancy.
  • Add context and perspective to your story by interviewing at least two original human sources. How will you weave the best quotes into your story?
  • DUE: Thursday, Sept. 8 (Printed copy for peer editing)
  • FINAL VERSION: Tuesday, Sept. 13 (Posted on team blog)

Criteria to be used in the grading will include the following:
  • Was the story relevant to the team blog topic?
  • Did the story include two separate interviewed sources?
  • Did the interview subjects add a credible, informed perspective to the story?
  • Was the source selection appropriate given the topic selected?
  • Was the writing quality and grammar acceptable?
  • Is there news value to the story topic selected?
  • Was the writing clear and concise and plagiarism-free?
  • Was there a summary news lead?
  • Was there a logical order to the information presented?