Tuesday, August 23, 2016



This week, we will:
  • Be introduced to the semester-long project and general course structure
  • Break into editorial production teams that are assigned to a specific reporting "beat" or niche
  • Begin to set up our reporting blog with co-authoring permissions
    • Identify the preferred blogging platform (e.g. Wordpress, Tumblr, Medium, Blogger, etc.)
    • Identify the name of your semester-long blog
    • Prepare a branded logo and theme/design for your blog
  • Collaborate with your team to set up your reporting blog
  • Feel free to stylize your blog with a unique logo/theme
  • Make sure to set up co-authoring permissions for all team members
  • Begin work on your first reporting assignment (to be discussed on Aug. 30)
  • Read the following chapters:
    • 2: Selecting and Reporting the News
    • 10: Quotations and Attributions