Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Team Media Workshop Project


This semester is all about "doing." This class uses an "incubator" model that aims to conceptualize and launch original web news and information properties over the duration of the semester.

For the duration of the semester, each student is going to play an important role in the conceptualization and creation of an original website. You will curate and create original storytelling using written words, audio, video and photos to bring your site to life.

The class will soon break into website editorial "teams" for the creation of these separate, collaborative web properties. You will (as a team) determine the site name and even help design the logo.

Each blog/site will contain multiple posts and stories from each contributing team member, to include:
  • Traditional written stories/reporting
  • Original photojournalism slideshows
  • An experimental storytelling project
  • Original video reporting
  • Related social media streams
  • and more!
In class we will be demonstrating how to set your site up using a content management system (CMS). There are numerous free services that you can use, including BloggerWordpress, Medium and Tumblr. Each team is free to select the platform of their choice -- but please note that your instructor may not have technical familiarity with all CMS options. Please make sure that the platform you select allows for multiple contributors/authors.

For example, here is how multiple editors/authors can contribute to Blogger:


Each student on your editorial team will be able to post to the blog at any time. To enable this feature, one student on each team should create the initial blog and then invite each student collaborator into the blog as a co-admin.

To begin, the designated student that begins the blog should select "Settings" from the Blogger dashboard.  Then, look for the "Permissions" section and select "Add Authors" under the "Blog Authors" area to "invite" a registered Blogger user to contribute to your blog. At this point, that person will have limited "Author"-level access rights to the team blog. (Note: You may want to change the level of permission from "Author" to "Admin" after your teammates accept the invite to join the blog).

Please note that you should think of this blog as a publication. Don't be afraid to highlight other interesting stories or sites that you encounter online. A large part of "blogging" is referencing (and referring to) other sites.

NOTE: Since this is a PUBLIC blog, be aware that all libel, legal and copyright issues do apply to what you create and publish online. Use caution and common sense in your creations.